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Helen Dorn


TV Series · 1h30 · 2023

Directed by Friedemann Fromm

Helen Dorn


TV Series · 1h30 · 2023

Directed by Friedemann Fromm

Wade in the Water: A Journey into Black Surfing and Aquatic Culture

Documentary · 1h20 · 2023

Directed by David Mesfin

Metal Battle Girl

Documentary about Silvia Mittermüller

Documentary · 1h17 · 2023

Directed by Andreas Wolff


Bis der Tod euch scheidet

TV Series · 1h30 · 2023

Directed by Jan Fehse

​Franken Tatort

Ein Hochamt für Toni

TV Series · 1h30 · 2022

Directed by Michael Krummenacher

Helen Dorn

S1.E19 Todesmut

TV Series · 1h30 · 2022

Directed by Friedemann Fromm

Helen Dorn

S1.E18 Der kleine Bruder

TV Series · 1h30 · 2022

Directed by Friedemann Fromm

Flügel aus Beton

Film · 1h30 · 2022

Directed by Lea Becker

Monika Weimar - Das Geheimnis der Weimar Morde

TV Series · 3 x 1h · 2022

Directed by Annette Baumeister

European Outdoor Film Tour 2021
I am North, Climbing Iran
Documentaries · 2021

Directed by Francesca Borghetti


Short Film · 2019

Directed by Ozan Mermer

Last Park Standing
Theater play · 1h45 · 2019

Directed by Nuran David Calis


International Ocean Film Tour - Volume 6
Documentary about Julie Gautier
Documentary · 15min · 2019

Directed by Stefanie Brockhaus

European Outdoor Film Tour 2019/20
Nina Williams: Highly 
Documentary · 2019/20

Directed by Reel Rock 14


TV Mini Series · 2019-2022

Directed by Jana Buchholz

Moving libraries

TV Mini Series · 2h15 · 2019/2022

Directed by Anja Schürenberg & Michael Bernstein

Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror

Film · 1h32 · 2019

Directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller


All I never Wanted

Film · 1h32 · 2019

Directed by Annika Blendl & Leonie Stade

European Outdoor Film Tour 2017/18
Choices, Into Twin Galaxies
Documentaries · 2019/20

Directed by Teresa Hoerl, Jochen Schmoll


Short Film · 2019

Directed by Tony Leyva Puig

Der Fall Elor Asaria

Documentary · 42min · 2018

Directed by Korbinian Kalleder


Dachau Dialogues

Documentary · 1h18 · 2017

Directed by Michael Bernstein & Marina Maisel


Step Outside

Short Film · 25min · 2017

Directed by Nuria Gómez Garrido


Find Fix Finish

Short Film · 20min · 2017

Directed by Sylvain Cruiziat & Mila Zhluktenko

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