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BR Klassik (D, 2023)

Single feature and interview

BR Klassik (D, 2023)

Single feature and interview, Piano Day 2023


Nothing But Hope And Passion (D, 2023)

Single feature and interview, Piano Day 2023



Klassik Radio (D, 2022)

Single feature


MTV (D, 2022)

Single feature and music video premiere


Tigran Art Studio (Armenia, 2022)

Concert and social media share



Urbanite, Berlin Stadtmagazin (D, 2021)


Plattenkoffer / Detektor FM (D, 2021)

„Klassik und Techno für Trance Momente“ 

Refuge Worldwide Mix (D, 2021) x 2

Host of two radio shows 


Armenian Weekly (US, 2021)

„Armenian-German composer Meredi on new album and finding her roots“


Aravot (US, 2021) 


KEXP Radio (US, 2021)

Singles played on the „Pacific Notions“ show + added to the playlist


Classical Post (US, 2021)

Podcast interview 


Scala Radio (UK, 2021)

Presentation of the album and the play of the singles 


SOM (UK, 2021)


Higher Plain Music (UK, 2021)

„Finding classical piano inspiration from different genre..."


Pianist Magazine (UK, 2021)

„...TRANCE is an album of contemporary classical that lures listeners into a state of soothing awe and demonstrates that riveting music can exist just as well in a club or concert hall context.“


Netil FM London (UK, 2021)

Mix feature + announcement of the albumPiano,


Ambient and Chill (UK, 2021)

Playlist feature


Music Dances When You Sleep (UK, 2021)

Playlist freature


When We Dip (UK, 2021)


IndiePopRock (FR, 2021)


La Playlist de Justine (FR, 2021)

July Playlist + Social media share


Santa Prisca Church (Mexico, 2021)

Concert, magazin share, social media share



ELLE Magazine (D, 2020)

„Meredi composes music which shines like stars“


BR Puls // Sweet Spot (D, 2020)

Interview, Radio play + announcement of the album


Schmuse (D, 2020)

Interview „Klaviermusik zum Loslassen“


Deutscher Musikrat (D, 2020)


Urbanite, Berlin Stadtmagazin (D, 2020)




BBC Music Magazine (UK, 2020)

„Stardust" was part of the top 10 post-classical albums to listen to in 2020


Neo FM/Flux FM (D, 2020/21)

Interview, Single feature + announcement of the album



Broadwayworld Magazin (US, 2019)

„Meredi is part of a generation creating art beyond categories or genres. A generation blessed with infinite possibilities to virtually travel through space and time...“


BR Klassik (D, 2018) 

„A door to another world - Meredi means "melody" in German - the name could hardly be morefitting...“

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