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Meredi is an internationally acclaimed composer, producer and pianist, born and based in Berlin.

The 29-year-old’s introduction to music didn’t come via the allure of glittery stages or the hedonistic lifestyle of rockstars, but rather out of pure need to express herself. Meredi’s certainty towards composition, and an old piano which lingered at her home’s hallway, meant she had an early start, “I don’t really remember when I started to compose, it feels like the music was always in my head and I just learned how to bring it to live,” she reminisces, “The piano was always my island or retreat, I spent a lot of time by the piano with my melodies.” 

In July 2020 her debut album STARDUST was released on Modern Recordings, BMG. Shortly after its release, STARDUST already received great attention from Elle Magazine, FluxFM, Scala Radio UK, Broadwayworld, Hifi Magazine and was featured in the top 10 Post-Classical Albums of 2020 of BBC Music Magazine. 

Meredi is set to release her second studio album ‘Trance’ on August 6th via Modern Recordings. 
“Trance is at once deeply personal and fiercely universal, a state within the self that can also be collectively attained and shared,” says Berlin composer, pianist and producer Meredi, who named her latest album Trance inspired by the immersive experience she would feel in her city’s famed – now faded – nightclubs. “I’m inspired by the intensity and power of the music in techno raves and I wanted to express it in my own words in this album.”

Meredi’s “own words” are in fact melodies, some- times expressed through the white and black keys of her piano and at other times, through the knobs and switches of electronic gear. With these instruments, the 29-year-old has developed a unique vocabulary by mixing meditative tones and abstract, quasi-electronic structures with a classical grounding. Her style, at once delicate and riddled with longing yet also invigoratingly modern and surprisingly intense, has awarded Meredi numerous compositional prizes in Germany as well as landing her commissions in film and TV. Until recently, Meredi had also been an avid club-goer, and her music often took queues and inspiration from Berlin’s hedonistic nightlife, “Berlin clubs mean freedom, these places are paradise, like scattered oases in the city. There’s such a strong sense of community in them that they feel like home, places that allow for you to forget the world outside and be who you really are,” says the composer nostalgically.

Trance is a journey through seven evocative compositions for piano, strings and synthesizers, simple melodies that nonetheless hit deep. “The pieces are about the longing for the here and now. The longing to lose oneself, to let go and to forget time,” says Meredi of the album. “Composing gives me the opportunity to tell stories through these very intense emotions for which there are no words.” The track’s titles each tell of a specific part in the process of letting go, referencing mostly techno rave experiences. With Trance, Meredi manages to recreate the transcendental experience of nightclubs. Most impressively, she taps into that heightened state of being, often associated with ceremonial rituals or sweaty dance floors, from the intimacy of her home. Trance showcases the power of music in its purest most abstract form where, regardless of medium or genre, it manages to magically dissolve the personal and unify the collective. 
“My gaze went inwards to an intimate and private nightclub experience for this album, a becoming one with the surroundings”.