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Meredi is an half Armenian half German internationally acclaimed composer, producer and pianist, born and based in Berlin and Los Angeles. The classically trained composer and performer stands for a new understanding of composition – she creates beautiful, catchy, longing melodies. While surprising with experimental, contemporary creations.
Her music is spreading worldwide since she released her first album two years ago.

Meredi's introduction to music didn’t come via the allure of glittery stages or the hedonistic lifestyle of rockstars, but rather out of pure need to express herself. Meredi’s certainty towards composition, and an old piano which lingered at her home’s hallway, meant she had an early start, “I don’t really remember when I started to compose, it feels like the music was always in my head and I just learned how to bring it to live,” she reminisces, “The piano was always my island or retreat, I spent a lot of time by the piano with my melodies.” 
Music is Meredi's way of communicating, of expressing herself and her longing for a sanctuary.

While studying composition at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music with Helmut Zapf and the Berlin University of the Arts with Jolson Brettingham Smith, in a special program for young talented musicians, she started giving concerts and began to write music for theater plays and movies. Later on she studied Composition for Film and Media at the University of Music and Performing Arts with Gerd Baumann. Meredi's first orchestral pieces were performed in the spring of 2012, and from that point on she has been winning many composition competitions. She won 4 prizes at "Young Composers“ Jeunesses Musicales. She won a special prize from the Berlin Philharmonie through the Jeunesses Musicales young composers competition.

Next to Meredi's solo career she does cooperations with artists like Mari Samuelsen (DG), Tara Nome Doyle (Modern Recordings), or Robert Ames (Modern Recordings) and composes music for films, ballet and theatre. Her great successes includes a composition she wrote for the violinist Mari Samuelsen which was released in spring 2022 on Deutsche Grammophon and has already over 3 Million streams worldwide.

Meredi’s music is played on several radio stations such as BR-Klassik, Klassik Radio, Flux FM or Scala Radio UK, KEXP Radio US. She gives concerts in prestigious places such as „Tigran Art Studio“ (Armenia), or „Zenner“ (Berlin) and was the first artist ever to give a concert in the Santa Prisca church in Taxco, Mexico.

After the great success of her solo piano debut album "Stardust" (among others Top 10 Post-Classical Albums of 2020 BBC Music Magazine) and the ambient album „Trance“ Meredi just released her new album "Some Other Place“ with Modern Recordings, BMG.


"Some Other Place" is a rework of Meredi's last released ambient album „Trance".
The three main melodies from "Trance" run through seven piano variations. It's about "wishing yourself far away, to another place - to find solace there and so also to find yourself," says the Berlin-based composer, pianist and producer. "The moment I play the piano I become the music. I am not here anymore. I am on that other side. That other place." 
While her last album "Trance" deals with the different active stages in a trance, "Some Other Place" is about the end of a trance, about that state just before you wake up... "where you are far away, in this other place and at the same time also very close to yourself, in a quiet and vulnerable state...".

Meredi reduces her new compositions to the core: "I want to be as honest as possible. Only say what I really want to say.“ The album is very reduced and intimately recorded at home on her piano, where all the melodies were also created.

Currently Meredi is working on her fourth album and giving concerts. She is also composing film music. Her music is played in concerts, films and on radio stations worldwide.

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