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Meredi is an half Armenian half German internationally acclaimed composer, producer and pianist, born and based in Berlin and Los Angeles. Her music is a visceral and personal expression but it’s also something external to her. It’s her relation to her surroundings, her connection to her past and generation. Her tracks are as much her compositions, the melodies in her head, as they are compositions of and about her time.




February 23

April 7

healing concert

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Drone Bath, edition 001

Arts District, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Coming soon

June 21

Fête de la Musique 2024

Monopol Berlin, Germany


January 20

"Some Other Place"

Milla Club - Munich, Germany

March 29

Piano Day

Silent Green, Berlin, Germany

June 1-5

Meadows in the Mountains

Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria

July 12

SF1OG Show, Berlin Fashion Week

Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin, Germany

July 27

Concert at Camera Work Gallery

Camera Work, Berlin, Germany

Zenner Saal, Berlin, Germany

Support - Erland Cooper

November 7


April 1

Single Release Concert "Some Other Place" 

Puderraum - Berlin, Germany

May 18

Album Release Concert "Some Other Place" 

Zenner - Berlin, Germany

July 16

Private Concert

Puderraum - Berlin, Germany

August 20

Concert in Armenia

Tigran Art Studio - Yerevan, Armenia

October 7

Piano Concert

Sexauer Gallery - Berlin, Germany

November 4

Marck's videosculptures finissage

AOA;87 - Bamberg, Germany

November 29

"Some Other Place"

Naregatsi Art Institute - Yerevan, Armenia


April 10

Meredi en concierto, Parroquia de Santa Prisca

Santa Prisca ChurchTaxco, Mexico

Emmaus Kirche - Berlin, Germany

May 13

Modern Recordings evening, X-Jazz Festival

Sony Center - Berlin, Germany

May 31

Amnesty International Conference

HKW - Berlin, Germany

August 6

Sommer Open Air Festival "21 Sunsets“

St. Pauli Kirche - Hamburg, Germany

September 24

Reeperbahn Festival

October 12

European Outdoor Filmtour, Premiere

Alte Kongresshalle - Munich, Germany

December 14-15

"Deals With God", Ballet

Balloon Theatre Cairo - Cairo, Egypt


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